Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cookin' with Crayons -
Lending a Hand - Wk 5

You aren't missing anything - there's no week 4.
I still served and learned, but I was busy trying to, well, figure out what to do with all the changes that have been going on in my life. I met more really cool people, helped make stir fry. (Who knew to toss chicken base in for flavor? I have so much to learn.) And, I cut more fruit. I'm purty darn good at that now. Cuttin' fruit.

So, last Sat was week 5.
And, it rocked.
I walked in with "two hands, no waiting" and I was put to work on quiches. They had 30 quiche crusts all ready for filling. I was told that my quiches from week 2 were a hit.
Wow? They were?
Yep, the feta cheese and kalamata olive ones - they sold out.
(Apparently, that's impressive. I have no real feel for that.)

For backstory... Read Lending a Hand, Wk. 2 - Part 1
It's kinda up and to the right. Over there----------->

Go ahead, I'll wait.
(Begins humming Kenny G.)

Oh...back already?
Enjoy it?

So, we're at week 5 and I was told 3 weeks ago to "have some quiche ideas in my back pocket." Since they might at any moment ask me for suggestions.
Did I? No.
You see since no one mentioned the quiches, I figured they didn't go over well.

Lessons learned:
1. Just because you don't hear anything, don't assume the worst.
2. If they say, "we might come back to you for suggestions" - they mean it.

Two chefs each suggested I walk the coolers for ideas. Saw pretty, shiny, good-smelling red bell peppers. (Interesting since I recently blogged in "Everlasting Gobstopper-land" about red bell peppers.) So, I diced up some peppers and onions and sautéd them. The red from the pepper bled out into the onion making them some of them yellow and some of them orange-ish with the pepper still being red. It was quite pretty. A pan of warm colorful veggies.

I stopped to think.
(Which, by the way, is proving really helpful in the kitchen.)
Pan of steaming juicy veggies + dry crust = soggy quiches.
So, I smeared the veggies in a thin layer in the hotel pan to cool them off faster. Distributed some chicken chunks into the crusts. Added some "Italian seasoning." I really wanted oregano and parsley but we have only the commercial sized blends. I figured putting the seasoning directly on the chicken would make for a more flavorful bite. Tossed some shredded mozzarella-provolone on the chicken. Then sprinkled the onion and pepper mix over the top.

I actually give it a 10. No, 11.
And, I'm pretty particular.

The quiches were for the next day, so I would never see the finished product. I hope that when the egg batter was added that the yellow-red-orange veggies floated to the top creating a colorful visual. Something you might want to eat at Sunday brunch. I hope they were good. I sure enjoyed making them.

It's like making mud pies and coloring with crayons all day.
And, in the end...people ask you when you are going to make more!
Whatta rush!
And, aren't you glad I didn't pick the picture of the mud pie?
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gerbmom said...

Ya know, I really like the way the white text and the colors pop against the black. Very visually pleasing and heck,it just makes me happy!

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