Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Follow-Up: Getting a Grip

Easy Gift Card Organization
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Sometimes simple organization is the best.

A while back we did a 31 Days series called
31 Minutes to a More Organized Life.

Feedback in e-mails and comments indicated that the series
was helping some of you find new tips to help you in your day.
That made me smile.

Organizing Gift CardsHere's a secret.
I learned a LOT from writing the series, too.
As I tried to think of tasks that only took 31 minutes...

I suddenly saw larger projects as lots of tiny little easy tasks.
And, the tasks became sorta fun.

Gift Card Purse for OrganizationBack on Day 2 we talked about gift card organization.
At that point my solution was working well for me.
But, it was short lived.

Soon my family grew tired of me shuffling through cards at the register.
And, I couldn't blame them.
It was a fine idea - if you only have a few cards.
I needed a new system.

So simple.
A hole punch, a $1 keyring, and 10 minutes
made my life my family's life so much easier.

(Yeah, they're alphabetized so I can flip quickly.)

What have you done recently that has made your life easier?

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