Friday, January 15, 2010

Chicago Hot Dogs and a Giveaway!

As promised, I've decided to have my first Giveaway!
(It's my birthday this week - but YOU get the gift!)

(The contest has ended. Click HERE to see the winner.
Thanks for participating and check back for more giveaways soon!)

I will be giving away one copy of "Never Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog" by Bob Schwartz - a fun food book. The preface is by Joe Montegna with a foreword from Bob Sirott.

"This book is an insider's view of a love of hot dogs - eating them, selling them and talking about them. The author, an executive at Vienna Beef, has spent almost 40 years developing and enhancing strong emotions for the business and for the people who operate hot dog stands. The book includes detailed stories about a long list of hot dog stands located in Chicago, city and suburban, as well as stands located around the country."

You do NOT have to have a blog to enter.
Simply provide your e-mail address with your comment below.

You can earn up to 6 separate entries.

For one entry - Just leave one comment letting me know what you like on YOUR dog.
For a second entry - Leave an additional comment letting me know you are or have become a follower. (link on right)
For a third entry - Leave an additional comment letting me know that you subscribe to my posts. (link on right)
For a fourth entry - Leave an additional comment letting me know you blogged about this giveaway.
For a fifth entry - Leave an additional comment letting me know you tweeted about this giveaway.
For a sixth entry - Leave an additional comment letting me know you mentioned this giveaway in your Facebook status.

The contest will be open through Thursday the 21st.
A winner will be chosen at random on Friday.
Good luck!

(And, thank you to Miss Mustard Seed for the clearest explanation of multiple entries I have seen.)
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Anonymous said...

Dijon mustard & dill relish on a toasted & buttered bun.
Happy Birthday!
xo, Butterbean

Jules said...

Happy week o' birthday, Dana! Hope "your boys" treat ya' right.

As for my dog, plain ol' yeller mustard, sliced avocado with diced fresh tomato on a toasted bun that's been rubbed with garlic. Shredded extra sharp cheddar wouldn't hurt, either. (Oh, and a root beer and chips, please.)

Suburban prep said...

I guess if there is no sauerkraut I like it just plain. Yes I am someone who has lived their life in the Chicago area too.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Oh I am the one who likes ketchup. Sometimes ketchup and processed American cheese.

I also a fan of sauerkraut.

Happy Birthday my friend!


Eye4got said...

My topping preferences vary with the tides and my mood. Sometimes I opt for chili & slaw. Other times I like stone ground mustard & kraut. But my all time favorite combo is yellow mustard, sweet relish, banana peppers and a kosher pickle spear.

Unknown said...

Just mustard for me! I'm a purist like that.

Anonymous said...

Its not a Dog unless it's Chicago Style with the works plus kraut and celery salt. unless it's at Wrigley Field then it's yellow mustard only.

cpullum said...

I love mustard only!!!
Carla from California!

honeycomb said...

Pronto pup style, brush on a smear of mustard...some call them corn dogs, but I love that batter hot and crispy, and it is only at its peak at the MN State Fair. Everywhere else I've tried them, they're microwaved and soft.

To wash it down, I'll take the "all the milk you can drink for $.25" deal down by the dairy barn. ;o)


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday!

On my dog I love sauteed onions and red/green bellpeppers with just a line of spicy grainy mustard down the side.

Unknown said...

Chili & cheese. That's it!

whizzo2 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

shredded cheese, spicy brown mustard, and diced onions!~~and i hate it when the hot dog is bigger than the bun!

recklessbliss said...

I like a soy hot dog on a 12 grain bun with some honey mustard. It might unappetizing but they make some pretty amazing vegetarian hot dogs nowadays. Happy Birthday!

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