Thursday, May 10, 2007

Precious peices of porky goodness

I have puerco pibil marinating in the fridge :)
The flavors of achiote,
vinegar and
fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice
should be wonderful tomorrow.

Since I hand cut the marinating pork butt chunks, there were tiny bits of leftovers.

The above is the result of the scrappage - couldn't waste the precious pieces of porky goodness.
(It's not the best presentation...I was hungry.)

I also added just a bit of the marinade to the pork bits, so these were some darn good tacos - better than Chipotle at least. Pork and queso fresco on fresh tortillas.

Tomorrow evening I'll pop the pork in banana leaves and cook them.
Low and slooooooow.
Pics to follow - along with the recipe.
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gerbmom said...

Um - where was your cilantro? ;)
BTW - what time is dinner? :D

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