Friday, July 20, 2007

Sheep and an airplane. Huh?

Sheep and an airplane?

Wait for it ;)

So, I'm leaving this morning for a much needed 2 days in Michigan.
48 hours.
I want much more time with family, but I'll take what time off I can get.

On the calendar:
Potter, no.
Festivals, no.
Wine tasting, perhaps with the sis.
Reading the 2d book of Michael Ruhlman on Chefs, yes.
Cooking - lol - grilling - yes.

So, looks like it will be grilled pork tenderloin with an orange and tamarind marinade from Paula with either grilled pineapple salsa from Emeril or Wolgang's fire roasted eggplant and tomatoes. And, for dessert? Grilled banana and pineapple over vanilla ice cream.

And, lamb burgers. The fam loved the ground lamb I brought last time. BIL made yummy sounds. Sis asked if I could bring some for her freezer. So, I asked the butcher to saw off 6 hunks of 1.5 lb rock-solid frozen ground lamb. 4 for me. 2 for sis. The butcher stopped rolling his eyes at the seeming anality of it when I explained that I he was now the sole supplier of lamb for my family in Michigan - and I was the delivery service.

So, I grabbed my 6 pack of soda-sized thermo bag, wrapped the lamb chunks in plastic with a small ice pack on the bottom and a larger one on the top. And, hung the bag on the back door handle.

Then, I started literally singing out loud:
"My lamb is packed, it's ready to go. Just hanging here inside the door...."

(Just for point of clarification, the lamb and I are driving.
Well, I'm driving, the lamb is chilling out. Er, nevermind.)

BTW, you are singing it now aren't you?
"I don't know when I'll be back again..."
See you all post-vacation.
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