Thursday, September 27, 2007

While I slept...

Warning. This is gross.
Read at your own risk...

Well, the silvadene and dry Band Aids had done very well at keeping the chance of infection to a minimum. Things were looking good - an even moistured, non-cracking scab was forming. I so left the bandage off last night to let it get some air.

Boy, that that a mistake.
I awoke to pain in the middle of the night as I scratched the entire scab off in one fell swoop while I slept. (I guess it itched.)

Bleary-eyed, I washed up, grabbed the cream and hermetically sealed the wound.

I am so pissed.
Well, kids we are off to scarland...seeing that it's now open pink divet.

Damn it.
Back to the drawing board.

At this point, I might want to ponder a tattoo.
While these scars do have some geometric and linear consistency, they are hardly artistic.

OK, kidding about the tat.
I'm so pissed. Pin It

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