Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Irony - It's What's For Dinner.

I've been reading blogs about food, animal, environmental and labor issues. And, books.

There's a lot of information out there.
Along with a fair amount of finger-pointing.

Now, this is not aimed at anyone I know personally.
(So, the example at the botom is used for illustrative purposes.)

Here's my beef.
(Pardon the pun.)

I find it interesting that whatever the writer is into, everyone else - who doesn't value THAT specific item as their #1 priority - is wrong.

And, quiet frankly, everything can't be #1.

We can choose to respect animals, or the land, or oil, or local farmers, or heritage breeds and heirloom varieties, or antibiotic and hormone-free, but we can't do them all.

At least not simultaneously.
(If someone HAS found a way, more power to them...But, I doubt it.)

We are all just trying here.
Learning, growing, doing our best.

But, what really gets me riled is when my #1 focus isn't as good as the next person's #1 in their eyes. Therefore, I'm some kind of moron who or sell-out because I make different choices.

I might choose to support local farmers. But, those farmers might sow the latest in commercially available hybrid seeds. Is that any better of worse than someone's choice to support heritage breeds and heirloom varieties - which are shipped across the country to market thus using more oil?

I think not.
I think we choose with our dollar, and our votes, and perhaps our blogs. But, finger those who are actively pursuing information and choosing a different priority among the myriad of very important causes is....rude, short-sighted and hypocritical.

So, that's where I stand.
I won't judge your decision to purchase recycled wine bottle cocktail glasses which use fossil-fuel to make them and transport them both to the factory and back to market... if you won't judge my decision to continue to purchase milk from a local antibiotic free dairy whose owner has a different political views on immigration from you.

We each make concessions.
We aren't perfect.
We do what we can.

And, for me that's good enough.
Thus ends my finger-pointing sermon.

It's what's for dinner. Pin It


gerbmom said...

I wasn't judging you.....

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

I though the disclaimer covered that.
"Now, this is not aimed at anyone I know personally.
(So, the example at the botom is used for illustrative purposes.)"

gerbmom said...

Point taken. I was pretty tired when I wrote that - we were leaving for Ohio, and I read it quickly and musta missed that. I'm sorry.

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