Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Never Hurts to Ask.

Recently my sis showed me paradise.
What I mean is...

If Jimmy Buffet lived in this town,
In Michigan,
Ran a bar/restaurant
And kitsched it up to high heaven...
THIS might be what his place looked like.

I realize this post is useless w/o photos.

I didn't bring my camera.
I couldn't capture the little Santa hats perched on every single parrot, reindeer, fish, and palm tree in the place.

And, for that, I ask your forgiveness.

I promise.
Next Christmas, once I have my camera in hand (and after a quick conversation with the owner allowing me to disclose the name), I am sooooo posting this place.

Until then...

The Point.
It never hurts to ask.
"Anything you are especially proud of?"

Yes, I'm ending that sentence with a preposition.
Moving along...

You see, when I get the feeling that there just might be a hidden gem in the place, I sometimes muster up the courage to ask.

'Course, when the server responds,
"Um, I guess our fries are pretty good, "
I feel like a complete dolt.

But, sometimes you strike gold.
Like... at this place.

I ordered the roast beef and cheese sammie and asked about the sides. Turns out they have the rockingest - is that a word? - it should be - the 'Rockin'est' Sweet Potato Fries I have ever had!

Now, granted, I give them a 2 on the appearance scale.
(They're orange and brown and fried in grease.
Not a lot to work with there.)

Portion size - a 10.

And, for taste - they get an 11.

Taste was fabulous!
Crisp on the outside.
Soft sweet potato goodness on the inside.

So, even if you might feel like a dork...
Might be worth asking...

"Anything you are especially proud of?"
*grin* Pin It

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