Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sherman Ice Cream - Blue Moon
Giant Cows

Is it me...or is this cow..er, bull, confused?
A "herMOOphradite" perhaps?

Last Labor Day, we headed over to Warren State Park in Sawyer, Michigan to do a little tent camping. We had fantastic weather, but bad luck in the form of broken SD card. So, this will be short, since I lost most of the pics.

We traveled about 20 mins from Warren State Park to South Haven to visit Sherman's Dairy Bar for some Blue Moon ice cream. Their site says that Grandpa Sherman opened his place in 1916. Since we love giant fiberglass, Tim and I took lots of pics of and with the large blue cow on the roof. (Which we lost, so this pic will have to do.)
The cow's name is Blue Moo - isn't that cute?
The ice cream was delicious.
Honestly, prolly the best I've ever had.

That cone, half gone already, is their small. (I was warned by locals to order the smallest...it's HUGE!) The staff was VERY friendly. And, while I was waiting in line I asked someone to describe Blue Moon. Best she could do was it's sorta like Fruit Loops. Yep, it sorta is. Creamy Fruit Loop flavor...that makes your mouth blue for hours! Score!

I remember eating Blue Moon ice cream a child visiting Ann Arbor. And, interestingly enough, the website says they distribute it through Naperville, Illinois - very close by.

Down the road from Warren Dunes is another ice cream shop. I have a picture of the sign and it appears to say "Bubba's & Moo's" but I can't seem to locate a site in New Buffalo. (And, it's NOT the branch of Sherman Ice cream in Sawyer - that was closed that day.) This one had the confused cow, and other large edibles out front.
Looks like Tim was a bit confused himself on where milk comes from. ;)
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Kelly McCants said...

In high school a bunch of Senior guys stole the Zarda's Dairy cow and put it up on one of the school buildings!

I love a good fake dairy cow!

Thanks for reading Modern June!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Kelly -
Sounds like you had some fun guys at your high school! Our guys were mostly into T.P.'ing...actually, so was I...don't tell ;)

Love your site, Modern June.

Ryan said...

I'm quite jealous of that picture of you with blue moon!

Grew up in Wisconsin eating the stuff, but living in Hawaii doesn't make it possible :(

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Ryan - I hear you about the blue moon. Course, you get the freshest pineapple possible, I believe. ;)

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