Friday, November 21, 2008

Win a 14-Piece Set of Copper Core All-Clad and more

Lounging at my dentist's office...
I perused the November issue of Good Housekeeping.

Near the back of the magazine I spotted a picture of All-Clad.
Foocusing in for a closer look, it appears they have an All-Clad Contest in progress.

You can win:
A 14-piece copper core All-Clad cookware set, Copper Core Dutch oven, cooking tools, an All-Clad low-sided roaster and triple timer, a Gold Touch 4-piece bakeware set, and an Emile Henry pie dish, ruffled loaf pan, and rectangular baker.

When entering their contest, the nice people at Good Housekeeping "auto register" you so you can access *whatever* on their sites. I promptly "unenrolled" from their registration. (Thankyouverymuch.)
And, of course I used my garbage e-mail account (which I will check just a bit more frequently - on the off-chance I actually win a cookware set.)

Do I need a 14-piece set of All-Clad (and all the other stuff mentioned above)?
Course not!
(Honestly, who needs a 10" fry pan...and a 12" fry pan...and a 3 quart saute pan?
And, if you have a 3 quart sauce pan with you really need a 2 quart, too?)

Still, I could make good use of a few of those pieces.
And, the rest would make lovely Christmas gifts.
We'll see if the gods of Good Housekeeping agree. Pin It

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