Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gee, Your Roads Smell Terrific!

If you are like me, and God help you if you love walking into your local Penzeys Spice Store.

(Yes, they have no apostrophe, and no bananas.)

If your area lacks a local Penzeys or equally amazing Spice House, you can order online. me - when that order is delivered to your door you will practically eat the box. It smells THAT good!

So, this has me thinking.
How many pounds do you think the residents of Ankeny, Iowa will gain this Winter?

Why am I pondering the waistlines of the Midwest?
Well, it seems the town was a little short on salt. And, figuring a bit of NaCl by any other name would still...melt ice, they took donations. Local spice producer, Tone's Spices, was there to lend a helping...bulb.

18,000 lbs of garlic salt, of the expired variety, was donated and is now being used as road salt. What it does to the towns roads, we don't know. But, I can suspect what it does to the town's tummies. I predict a dramatic increase in the consumption of steak and garlic mashed potatos.

And, if there's an Italian eatery nearby, I would buy stock in that place.
Just sayin'.

Click HERE for the full article in the Chicago Tribune. Pin It

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