Friday, December 5, 2008

What Color is your KitchenAid?

Seems one of our fine friends in Café-D-land has a new KitchenAid Pro 600 series mixer for only $69 from Amazon! Yea! They left comment first thing this morning. (I can't congratulate them by name since they left it anonymously.)

And, Ree at ThePioneerWoman has given away ANOTHER KitchenAid.
(And...another LeCreuset dutch oven. Gotta love that Ree!)

So, I've been thinking...
If I won one, which color would I choose?
This would be a difficult decision as my kitchen has every color in it.
I would likely have to "Flame out" my KA.

This is my what my pal Jules (Loyal reader #3) did with hers.
Nifty, huh?
I love what Alton Brown did with his.

And, if I don't want to pay someone to do custom work
- the way Jules and Alton did -
I could always buy some flames from
They have flames in many colors and designs.
(Shout out.)
So, how about you?
Have you flamed out your KA?
If you left it nekkid, what color did you choose?

Decisions, decisions.
One of these days I really MUST decide. Pin It


The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

I bought my KA mixer for a steal back about 5 yrs ago from Williams Sonoma. I paid $100 for it. It was on sale, and the color (Vanilla Bean) was discontinued so they loped off more moolah for that, then I had a coupon. BARGAIN! I do want to trick it out someday, but for now vanilla bean is fine!

Jules said...

Well clearly my next one will need to be VERY dark blue (almost black) and I'll have Scotty "flame" it with frost, snowflakes, and icicles.

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Vanilla bean would have been my choice if I got one a few years ago. It's very pretty.

Jules, lol, fire and ice. Love it.

You know...on a dark green one, I bet someone could make a pretty cool T-rex looking thing - like WWII planes, eh? I'm tempted. ;)

Lisa said...

Mine is bland, plain ole white :(
The only color the store had :(
Someday I'll put flames on it al a AB, someday. ;)

Shannon said...

You say your friend got her kitchenaid customed flammed. Do you know how much that costs or if they could re-color the whole thing?

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

I've passed the question on to my pal. We'll see if she has any idea. Thanks for writing :)

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