Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alinea's Grant Achatz To Have His Own Documentary

No, that video doesn't have anything to do with the upcoming documentary. It's simply a video of Achatz that makes me smile. (Part 2 of that video is below.)

Since it's been reported in a couple of sources now...I'll pass this along.
Looks like Alinea's Grant Achatz will have his own vérité documentary, tentatively entitled, "Taste."

From the Chicago Tribune:
“It’s a Hollywood story, right?” Achatz said.
“Drama! Tragedy! Triumph! I found a lot of [filmmakers] wanted something washed-down and typical. They wanted to manipulate the story. But R.J. understands it’s not just about a man’s victory over Stage 4 cancer. It needs to show the arc of a career and my position in the world of gastronomy."

Full story available in the Chicago Tribune.

(Video Part 2 of the Grant Achatz- Sous Vide Thanksgiving - where Grant cooks a Turkey with a pot of water and a ziploc bag - shown below.)

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