Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can Canning Jars Be...Stylish?

If you've been following some of the recent comment chatter, it's no surprise I've got home made jam on the brain.

Now, don't get me wrong.
There's nothing wrong with a classic Ball jar.

Matter of fact, let's review "Dana's Policy on Home Made Jams/Jellies."
1. Dana receives jams/jellies.
2. Dana is immensely grateful.
3. Dana devours said jam/jelly (sometimes straight out of the jar.)

Back to Ball.
Ah, the classic Ball jar.
According to the first of fruit jar lovlies was made in 1884. Classic. Functional. Recognizable. Dependable. It's tradition.

Now, I'm not a jelly maker. (Yet.)
The only thing I've ever canned is a response.

And, I'm hoping that experienced canners...
won't tell me to "Put up or shut up!"
(I tried resisting, I really did.)

And, this is not a hint to my current supplier that her jars aren't up to snuff. (Ooh, the word "snuff" and "supplier" in the same sentence. Good thing I don't do Google Ads. That might make for some interesting reading.)

I simply offer an option. To those who appreciate a curved line. Yesterday, Ree at The Pioneer Woman mentioned that she uses the Tulip line from Weck Canning. I just thought they were stylish. And, thought I'd pass it along. They're sorta vase-like. (They also do an old-fashioned "Milkjar-like"version.)

Now, for all I know these are as commonplace as...corruption in Illinois. If so, just head over to The Pioneer Woman for some food stuff.

And, to my supplier:
Totally not a hint.
Really, honestly...don't pull my jam.
I'd be...devastated.

So, I'm wondering.

Do you can? Do you wish you did but haven't yet?
What is your favorite thing to can?
Anything you've tried and tried but just can't get to work?
And...why is it called "canning" and not "bottling?"
Discuss amoungst yerselves.

P.S. I've added "Honey and Jam" to my bloglist.
She's only 18 and her "Grapefruit Curd" looks amazing! Pin It


Jules said...

Loyal Reader #3 chiming in with ...

WHO is this other jam supplier that I'm clearly competing with? LOL

FMD would change it up a bit if said new containment system could be visually and surface inspected prior to being put into active product usage. Meaning I'd wanna see and hold the jars first, to get an idea of glass thickness gauge and weight, lid dimensions, etc. Dunno that it'd make such a difference on the product itself set-wise.

Truth be told I’ve used Bell and Kerr for as long as I have because I purchased several flats of various sizes and designed labels that worked and, since they’re free, figured it worked well. I prefer the wide-mouth jars because my metal 1/4th measuring cup, which I use as a scoop for the bubbling product, fits completely into the jar I’m filling up, which makes clean up much easier.

As for your questions, I’ve always jammed fruit. I’ll perhaps expand to certain sauces or veggies but currently live in an area where fresh items aren’t hard to come by year-round. My favorite jam to make/give is blackberry because the “homemade” comes through in the flavor … but it’s usually a bear to make because of the tiny little cores blackberries have. And, as you know, my apricot jam is occasionally apricot bbq sauce.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

I'm a canner. I made lots of apple butter this year. We have been eating it all winter long. I've even added it to some recipes. I also made strawberry jam this summer. Unfortunately thats all gone. I also got some terrific jam from Jules! Oh my lord, that was just the best.

I'm a Mason/Ball girl, but those PW jars sure do look pretty, I'm just afraid to see what they cost!

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