Friday, January 23, 2009

Peanut Butter Recall with a Side of Rant-
Just How Lazy are We?

The FDA's Recall on Peanut Butter Products has many of us double-checking our pantry. Hopefully, you are keeping an eye on the origin of your peanut butter and you are healthy and well. The link above has the latest FDA info, if you need it.

But, this post...well, let the rant begin.

I'm not a parent.
I've never personally experienced the effort it takes to get a handful of toddlers ready for a carpool.

Nor do I know the *fun* of smearing peanut butter in a child's hair in an attempt to remove a clump of gum with one hand, juggling a phone call with the other hand, while packing lunches...with the third?

But...COME ON!
Trader Joe's sells celery pre-loaded with peanut butter?
(Some of it's recalled, BTW.)

I thought "Uncrustables" PB and Jelly was the epitome of...

I just going to call it as I see it.
This is not busy-ness.
We are not too BUSY to smear peanut butter in celery.
We are too LAZY.
It's contemptible.

I can forgive "Uncrustables."
(Which as of this date are NOT part of the recall.)
If I REACH, making a PB & J involves opening 2 jars, (only 1 if you already bought Smucker's Goober grape) dirtying 2 spoons, reaching for 1 ziplock bag, and disposing of the paper towel which you used to wipe the crumbs off the counter.

But, buying pre-packaged peanut butter-filled celery?
That means you were too lazy to wash the celery and smear peanut butter in it.

To those who buy pre-loaded celery:

Good thing TiVo allows you to order a Domino's pizza directly from your TV.
Because, seriously, I'm concerned you-

Okay, well, I'm done.
Tomorrow I'll be bright and smiley.
But, today?
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The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

People are lazy!! Can I just say that I can make a PBJ in about 35 seconds flat....oh know why....cause I have probably made literally thousands of them since my kids were born. I make at least 4 a week on average between the 2 kids. I just can't get over what people will buy!

Anonymous said...

Actually, while the uncrustables make me role my eyes, I can see buying the celery thing.

I think cutting the crusts off is too much indulgence and would never do it for a child. So I certainly wouldn't buy a product that did it for him, and almost certainly used cheap white bread, which I would never do.

OTH, washing and cutting celery, then stuffing it with peanut butter, is probably a little more work than making a PB&J. But it's not about the work. It's the fact that there's no good way to package peanut-butter stuffed celery so that it comes out as something my child would eat after being tossed around in his lunch bag for half the day. Dropping it in a ziplock certainly wouldn't do it. The packaging in the picture looks like it would work.

And I do have to say that if you try being a parent in a family with both parents working full time and 3 kids to get off to school, you might be surprised at hom much pre-packaged stuff you'd be willing to use.

In my house, I don't even get them off -- their Dad has to do it because I leave before 6 a.m. So any lunch that gets packed is done by a man. And I get home at 5:30 and immediately have to start preparing dinner and get us all fet & cleanup done, often in time to take a kid to an activity. So I take any convenience I can get.

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