Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NYT's Jill Santopietro: Cooking in a Tiny Kitchen

Watch this New York Times Video--->HERE

The ragu contains various cuts of pork product, and Jill describes each cut...using herself as a model.

She cracks me up.
(It's so something I would do.)

Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself.
In the video you can watch Jill Santopietro, cook and recipe tester for The New York Times, make a Neapolitan ragu with chestnut polenta in her tiny New York City kitchen. The dish is called "Eggs in Purgatory."

To be sure you understand the cuts...

"The more fat , the merrier!"
Love her.

But, seriously, folks...this gal has it going on. (You can tell from her curled fingers while slicing that she's no stranger to a kitchen.) She gives details while explaining the recipe - including why she chose a tall pot rather than a wider pan.

I'm going to keep an eye out for other videos. Jill is cute, smart and witty - just the kind of person who can impart sage cooking advice while entertaining the viewer.

Be sure you catch her quip after the end credits.
Ready for more? Click HERE for her recipe on Tangerine Sherbet.
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Jules said...

Sooooooo we can't deep fry it? Or are we just not supposed to? LOL

Jill is very relaxed, doesn't talk too quickly, and ... well, how can ya' NOT love someone who knows that fat and salt are always good answers?

Nice find, Dana - thanks :-)

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