Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eating From The Pantry.
And, freezer. And, fridge.

*Pantry impersonation - but mine looks remarkably similar.

Last April I did a little personal experiment on How the Other Half Lives :Eating on $2 a Day or Less. I learned a lot.

For example, I discovered I like beans more than I thought, and that even if you LOVE white rice, it gets a little old after day 3 or 4. Mostly, my palate got a real taste - pardon the pun - of what bland is. And, I learned to appreciate choice, and spices. And, the fact that I am blessed to HAVE a choice of what I will eat everyday - unlike a large portion of the population, both here and in developing nations.

Today I'm starting a new challenge.

While I love bacon, I don't think I'll be doing the 30 Days of Only Bacon thing. Even if the guy *says* he successfully eats only bacon for 30 days, I won't believe him. He'll be blogging from a hospital bed while choking down lime jello in no time.

Instead, I'm challenging myself is to eat only from my pantry.
And, fridge.
And, freezer.
Really, that's no challenge at all...considering how much stuff is in there.

I'm blessed.
Full stop.

I have a pantry.
I have choices.
And, many folks living paycheck to paycheck don't have that luxury.

So, for the next 30 days I'll be eating what already I have in my home. The savings should help with a some bills I need to pay. And, I'll be eliminating what little fast-food there is in my diet.

Mostly, I'll be spending a little less money...
And, a little more time on being grateful for what I already have. Pin It


The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Good for you Dana! I try and clean out the fridge and freezer and let me tell you it's not easy! Good luck, can't wait to se your progress. You might discover some new rcipes!

Jules said...

scanning the pantry ... scanning...
Hmmmm - I sense a void of jam. (Let me know if you need assistance.)
Lent will be starting soon - I'll let ya' know what I come up with but I suspect it will be food-related as well.
And, of course, keep us updated. :-)

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

@Lisa - Actually last week, before I caught the Cold From Hell(tm), I had a new pantry creation. It was bizarro chili that was made special with not only a chunk of tomato paste (I keep it frozen in a flat ziploc) but also a chunk of adobo sauce. Smokey goodness.

@Jules - Um, celebrity pantry impersonated. I decided to do this on the drive to work. I mean, not eat out of my pantry on the way to work, but rather ...nevermind. My pantry is still jammariffic.(tm) :)

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