Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Depression Cooking: Cooking with Clara

Wow, what a find!
At 93 years young, this grandma has her own little video series called "Depression Cooking with Clara." (Yeah, I know she says she's 91 in the early videos - but time flies.)

Clara Cannucciari takes you step by step through each meal and flavors it with little tidbits from her life. In episode 1, you'll hear about the whiskey bootleggers who rented the garage next door. In episode 3, The Poorman's Meal - not to be confused with episode 7, The Poorman's Feast - you get to meet Clara's nephew and his friends. You'll also hear the tale of how she had to quit school because she had no stockings. And, you'll find out what happened the day a neighbor tried to help herself to some of Clara's garden.

To find out more about Clara, head to her site, Great Depression Cooking. Looks like there is a forthcoming DVD which will compile the YouTube videos in one place and will contain an unreleased recipe and a few extra stories! Oh, I just noticed, looks like she's originally a Chicago gal.

To date, there are 8 short videos available HERE.
Episode 1 - Pasta with Peas
Episode 2 - Egg Drop Soup
Episode 3 - The Poorman's Meal
Episode 4 - Peppers and Eggs (part 1)
Episode 4.5 - Peppers and Eggs (part 2)
Episode 5 - Cooked Bread
Episode 6 - Depression Breakfast
Episode 7 - The Poorman's Feast

And, she has bonus videos showing how to make Sicilian Holiday cookies.
Extra bonus - She has a Facebook page!

Thank you Serious Eats for posting about this remarkable lady. Pin It

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The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

What a great find! I just watched a few episodes with my firend Mitch. She's a doll and Sicilian too! How lucky, lol.

Thanks for posting about her.

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