Monday, March 9, 2009

Chinese Noodle Making & Kung Fu Panda

I heard this clip was on the Kung Fu Panda DVD...but completely forgot when I saw the movie with my family over Christmas.

Wow - Watching the chef's technique relaxes and mesmerizes me.
And, makes me want noodles.

(Also, this vignette reminds me of why I respect Alton Brown so much.
Because he is fascinated by the technique of experts - whether they are trained noodle chef or an octogenarian grandmother making Southern biscuits.)

Come to think of it...I don't know that I have every really had homemade Asian noodles. I've had homemade Italian pasta. But, noodles? Nope.

I should change that.
Soon. ;) Pin It

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Mary & Russell Achor said...

Oh, my goodness! I never dreamed it was like that. What a fascinating meditation. Makes me wanna go out and make some...or just go somewhere to eat his...

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