Friday, April 3, 2009

Such Adorable Retro Aprons! Bella Pamella!

Pam, over at Retro Renovations happened to mention an amazing Apron and Fabric site - Bella Pamella.

Oh, my!
I have my eye on that Nora apron with the little cherries.
How cute.

Now, I already have an apron. And, I love it. It's a sturdy work-horse which is great for heavy duty cooking - since its reversible and cleans up well in the wash.

And, I also have a cute little half apron with covered in strawberries - it's too cute and delicate for everyday use. More of a hostess apron - very cute.

But, this Nora.
Well, it's a full apron, looks like the neck part would be very comfortable for marathon cooking events. And, come on. Cute little cherries. *Swoon, thud* Love that apron.

Hope you all enjoy the Bella Pamella as much as I did. Pin It

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Rachel said...

Looks like generous pockets, too.

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