Thursday, November 12, 2009

Save money and time: On-line Shopping Lists

Just thought I'd pass this along...
On-line shopping lists are getting more and more user friendly. Are you using them? Where I live both Dominick's and Jewel are prevalent. (Sure, I shop at Aldi's, Trader Joe's and my local butcher, too, but these two are the most frequented.)

I love that I can compare the two stores on line. (Products usually go on sale concurrently in stores. For example, Jewel might have Doritos "buy one, get one free," and Dominick's might have them for 2 for $7. Jewel wins my sale.)

Both of these stores not only show their sale papers on-line, but they also include printable shopping lists. I love the fully-searchable sale pages. Makes shopping a breeze. I peruse the pages, usually by category on the left side, make my list, print it out, then I head to another site for some coupons.

There are many free coupon sites out there. I just a lot. (I'm also a participant in "The Grocery Game" which saves me a lot but is tempered by the fact that it costs $5 per month.)

Me? I'm off to buy 5 Pilsbury dough products so I can get a free pound of butter. Oh, and I'll use my Pilsbury dough coupons while I'm at it. Score! Pin It

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, DAna, thanks for stopping by! So nice to meet you. I'll have to take a look around your foodie blog, love it myself. :)

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