Friday, January 29, 2010

Le Creuset Giveaway Reminder! and Biting the Bullet

Don't miss my Giveaway - open through Thursday at Midnight. The winner will be announced Friday. Good luck to all!

The giveaway is has ended. Click here to find out the winner.
Thank you to everyone who entered!
We will indeed have more giveaways.
Stop back soon!

Go HERE to enter.

In other news...
I'm biting the bullet. I'm buying a KitchenAid.
I'm thinking silver. Dark silver.

I thought I would get the Professional 600. Or, one of the bowl-lift KA's. But honestly, after reading the very well-written articulate reviews on the Pro 600 at Amazon, I think I might just opt for the Artisian 5-Quart with the tilt-head. It has a 325 watt motor rather than the 500something. And, 5 quarts rather than 6. But, everyone I know has an Artisian and loves it. I'll just have to do large batches of cookies and breads in batches, I guess. For most things, the Artisian will likely suit me well.

Time to bite the bullet. I need to pick a color.
I have Valentine's Day cookies to make.
(Adoooooooorable and recipes to follow.)

Speaking of color, don't forget to enter the
Le Creuset giveaway :)

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Jules said...

As ya' know, I have the Artisian. I also thought I'd get the Pro 600 but in reviewing how I wanted to use it, that woulda been overkill. I've been able to do double batches of cookies with no problem. The only issue I have - and it's a silly one - is that I don't like their feed-system into the bowl. It's this plastic two-piece funnel thing that honestly just isn't worth the fuss. So hey - that's the only thing I can say about it that isn't nice ... that's gotta be a good sign on the product.
Biting the bullet with dark silver, eh? Yanno - you could get it etched AS A BULLET!
(wow - that's deep)

Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

I have the Artisian that I got for a unbelievable price at Williams Sonoma on clearance. I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Mines Vanilla colored, I really didn't have a too many choices. I agree with Jules on the funnel thing. I never use it. Most of the time when I need to mix flour I just use a flexible cutting board and pour it in, works fine.

I remember how excited I was when I got mine. All I wanted to do was bake and bake. Can't wait to see yours!

moving on said...

I LOVE my Artisian. I have a friend who was gifted a bowl-lift model and found it so obnoxious she went out and got a tilt-head. (make sure you measure the hight of your cabinets either way, they're tall, so you want to make sure the model of your choice will fit.

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Jules-Yeah, I think a double batch will be fine. If I need to do 2 double batches, I'll make it work.

I thought I would get the larger more powerful, since when I used my sis' one last Christmas I felt like I was pushing it's limits. But, I think I'll love the Artisian. (Bullet - lol. I really do kinda like the WWII airplane teeth stckers, but I'll likey just get flames.)

Lisa- If the Artisian and it meeets your needs-with all the baking you do, then I'm sure it will suit mine.

Moon- Cool.
Excellent reminder!

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