Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Donator's Regret - Le Creuset Giveaway Reminer!

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Ever have buyer's regret?
How about donator's regret?

That picture, from Retro Renovation, makes me want to cry.
Here's why.

Years ago, one of my mom's friends passed away. She was very sweet and 81 years young. And, to help the woman's family with cleaning out her apartment, my mom agreed to take her furniture. All of it. And, she moved it to MY apartment. All of it.

Now, I had an empty room. But, I also had other plans.
Plans which didn't include all this 1960s style furniture.
I wanted a craft room. Or, a reading room.
But, one day I came home to find my mom had filled my spare room.
All of it.

The set contained:
Twin bed with a white padded atomic star headboard
dresser, bureau, mirror,
Two nightstands
A 2-tiered coffee table and matching end tables.

I hated it- that futuristic pale blond wood that I had grown up with. I wanted dark wood. Cherry, walnut - those were MY woods. Woods that were warm and inviting. Stable, traditional. Mine.

So, since my mom didn't have a place for it - and I didn't want it - I donated it. Almost all of it. (I needed a bureau, dresser, and the night stands. And, since the mirror went with them, I stuck that in a closet.) But, the twin bed with the atomic headboard, and the 2-tier coffee table and end tables...I begged someone to take the junk away. (And, I really did have to beg...multiple companies...before someone would come for it.)

Now, I want it back.
All of it.

I could cry when I see that picture. Or, when I visit the Heywood-Wakefield Company website and see those 2-tier end tables selling for $595.00 each.

I still have the bedroom set. I love the dresser, the nightstands, the bureau. I have the giant mirror turned vertically against the wall in full length and I cherish it. I wish had the twin bed for guests - or to make a daybed out of it.

Oh, how I long for those 2-tiered tables. In the blond wood. The light 60's atomic era wood that now reminds me of hope, exploration, lightness of spirit. In a nutshell...my childhood.

I have donator's regret.
And, I search Goodwill hoping that one day someone will make the same mistake as me. And, that maybe the Heywood-Wakefield gods will send the furniture back home. All of it.

Do you have donator's regret?
What era furniture says "home" to you?

Speaking of regret, don't forget to enter our
Le Creuset giveaway :)
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Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

I was 20 yrs old. My nana's neighbor was working as a butcher at a little mom & pop butcher (way back when those kinds of stores were everywhere). The store closed and Dave asked me if I wanted a butcher block table that they used. I said no. What am I gonna do with that??? That was my 20 yr old brian talking. Now I would die to have that. It was like 10 inches thick!! Waaaahhh!

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