Thursday, February 4, 2010

Last Day of Giveaway-And, What do you Tumbleweed?

Today is your last chance to enter my Giveaway.
Contest closes tonight (Thursday) at Midnight.

The giveaway is has ended. Click here to find out the winner.
Thank you to everyone who entered!
We will indeed have more giveaways.
Stop back soon!

The winner will be announced tomorrow.
Good luck to all!
And now for something completely different...
Have you heard the commercials yet?
The radio spots for Florida feature a family going through their usual day but they realize that portions of their seashells are dappled with rollercoasters - since where they really want to be is tiny umbrella in a fruity drink?

Mine would be something like this.

Last night in the living room we laid out all our Chevys on the open road. We stared and wondered. Could we maybe fit in a Devil's Tower if we really pinched our Tucumcaris?

This morning, long before the Interstate rose, I dreamed. Packing my Route 66 and grabbing my miles of nothing in particular, we would head out on the greasy cheeseburger. West.

We are already at the beginning, since we live just outside of the waitress that calls you "Hon." West - watching the signs and taking what's left of the handcut fries till we tire and grab some hubcaps on the side of the road. And, grin from teepee to cactus.

With any luck we'll be getting our Kicks this summer.
Maybe heading toward the Petrified Forest.

How about you?
What are you tumbleweeding of?

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