Monday, February 22, 2010

Peanut Allergies and a Question

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When I was a kid... I walked to school.
Uphill, both ways.
In the snow, barefoot.
(Just like all of you, I imagine.)

And, we ate PB&J for lunch.

Okay, actually, my mom packed apple butter on wheat bread, no peanut butter. Not because of allergies - because she was always half asleep and it was easier, I think.

I wanted peanut butter.
Yes, I lusted after the legume.

I hated hated apple butter. Even more so, I hated wheat bread. If only I realized that I could actually make my own sammich. Slow learner here.

Man, nice digression.
But, the kid in the pic is a cutie.

Nowadays, many schools do not allow peanut butter, or nuts due to nut allergies. I say many because I know of a few that do not have restrictions.

Now, if you aren't hip to the peanut allergy topic, just let your fingers Google. It's very interesting. (And, I wouldn't do that topic justice here. So, I'm not gonna try. There are places where causes and cures are hashed out nine ways to Sunday. This ain't one of them.)

But, I do have a couple of questions for you.
1. Does anyone in your family have a peanut allergy?
2. Does your child's school (daycare, summer activity center, etc.) restrict nuts in the building?
3. What's your favorite lunchtime sammy? How about your child?

Let's keep the convo civil...
And, I'd would REALLY like to hear from you!
Please comment below.
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Darcy said...

We don't have allergies, but two of our sons' friends have nut allergies (two different families) and have to have an epi pen with them at all times. We have one that we even have to have been PB free that day before she can come play.

We live on PB. PB&Banana smoothies for breakfast, PB&J sandwiches, PB cookies, snacks, etc. So it's hard for us when Friend X wants to come play.

Our 'school' has no policy LOL Actually, the policy would be - eat it because I put it on your plate, love Mom. I don't know the policy for the public schools here. We have a couple of Peanut Aware schools, but it is not district wide.

Jennifer Juniper said...

All through my kids' PB&J years we attended a preschool with no nuts allowed (in fact, they got so gung ho on allergies that even slight allergies were banned for all - so much so that one year the only thing that could be sent in was fruit, but not bananas, or popcorn.) I get a little irritated that everyone's menu has to change for one person, but such is our society at this point.

Our current public school has a peanut table big enough for those with allergies and their friends to sit together. No peanuts are allowed there but anyone else can have what they like. A huge relief and much better compromise, in my opinion.

My neice has a nut allergy and my sister in law would never dream of making a big deal of it. She just keeps her own daughter from nuts and nut products. I love her for that :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

"niece" is what I meant, but my dummy spelling brain kicked in!

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