Monday, February 8, 2010

Route 66 and Netflix on the "Big Screen"

Man, I love my Netflix account.
Between Netflix, my local public library...and well, let's just say, my sharing from my "peers" I can get pretty much every movie ever made.

I can order movies online from my library - which is so cool. Basically, it's like a free Netflix account. And, for $3, they will get a truly tough movie to find from out of state. Score.

Anyway, I just happened to stumble on the fact that the old 1960's show Route 66 is now available on Netflix - on INSTANT VIEW.

I love instant view. One $9 video cable from Radio Shack and another $4 sound cable (same place) and I'm watching Martin Milner on the big screen. (Really decent sized flat screen, anyway.)

Want to set your TV up, too? You can go through Netflix and pay $100 iffen you want. Or, and I would recommend this...simply take a pic of your TV connections and another of your PC connections. Measure the distance between your TV and PC. Print said pics and bring them to Radio Shack. Just happen to have an un-opened bag of Funyons (or Cheetos) under your arm when you enter the store. The VERY nice people will assist you.

Disclaimer. While I'm a geek in real life, each TV and laptop....or desktop is different. Besides, that nice person at Radios Shack is lonely...and has the munchies.

Speaking of munchies...
Can't you just smell my buttered Parmesan popcorn?
Do you Netflix?
What movies do you wish Netflix carried on Instant View?
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Stephanie said...

Hi Dana!
I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of my Vintage Pearl GiveAway!!
I tried to e-mail you but it came up "not properly installed"
Hope you can get in touch with me ASAP so I can pass on your details to The Vintage Pearl!
modern mom at rocketmail dot com

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Oh, how fun!
I had entered a contest over at
a while back.
Oh, I'm so excited. :)
Thanks Modern Mom!

Jules said...

Very Cool Dana - congrats! (Nice how that sort of "comes around, goes around" thing works out, eh?)
As for videos and old movies, I'd LOVE to be able to just hop over to the library but it'd require like 4 days of shoveling and honest, I have spaghetti-arms already. And NetFlix requires that the post office be working and, well, I don't blame 'em for changing their minds on the "neither sleet, snow, hail" motto. LOL

PF said...

Apparently Jules has yet to find the Netflix (or Amazon, or Blockbuster) streaming options on her new TVs. ;-)

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