Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creative Easter Baskets, Unique Cooking Books & Family Games

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This is the first year I'll be helping to build an Easter basket.
And, while I certainly loved getting chocolate as a kid, what I remember most was having a blast getting a new age-appropriate workbooks. They were filled with word puzzles - and had sort of a Highlights feel to them.

So, along with candy I'm trying to think of other things to put in the basket this year.

For example:

a teen/student bible
a Nalgene bottle (looks like he'll be going on his first camping trip soon)
a set of art pencils
Drawing how to books, like How To Draw People
The amazing science-behind-cooking book The Inquisitive Cook.

I've also requested a few different camping cookbooks from the library to page through. Titles such as, Things to Do with a Dutch Oven and Cooking the Dutch Oven Way.

Also, I'm looking for unusual board games and card games.
Not like Uno - more like a car driving game I grew up with called Mille Bornes.
You give each other flat tires, and run out of gas - lol!

Has anyone ever played Fluxx?
I'd love to hear what you think of it.
Or, how about this one?
Now What? Senseless Solutions to Strange Situations Game?
It looks like fun.

How are YOU being creative with YOUR Easter baskets this year?
I've love to hear!
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