Friday, June 4, 2010

DIY Vintage Wedding and Reception

So, it's been ages, right?

Even though I'm only planning a teensy, tiny lil wedding...
Looks like there will be only 30 people...
Including the wedding party...

There's still lots to plan.

Originally I had this really pretty silver filigree style theme going for the wedding and reception.

Which would have been lovely.
If only it were a nighttime...
And a large function...
It would have been beautiful.

But, we are planning a small gathering for late lunch during the daylight.
Which will be perfect considering the location.
(All will be time.)

The high end formal feel of the first plan - no matter how adorable - was in stark contrast to the light-hearted fun feel Tim and I want.

Instead, I'm going to have reception items of vintage things I love. Casual. Pretty. And, most of the stuff I already have. Score!

Want a preview?
I found soda fountain glasses like the one above for a buck at the Dollar Store.
$1. Nice.

So, those will likely be making an appearance.
Oh, the plans I have.
(But, I'm not sharing them all yet. Dribs and drabs will be coming your way.)

Oh, and the pic is from a site called Fountain Pen Oasis where they get the idea. :)
See you soon!
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