Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Color of the Year for 2011 - What Do YOU Think?

Alternate title: "Getting Grounded and Looking Up" :)

Each year Pantone chooses a Color of the Year, suggesting the color that will be all the rage in fashion, home decor and packaging. This year it's Honeysuckle. (Seriously, I had no idea Honeysuckle was that color.)

Now, with Valentine's day right around the corner for merchandisers, It will undoubtedly be the color of the next 2 months.. Speaking of merchandising, you HAVE been to the new Café D Etsy Store, haven't you?


Let's take a look back at the past Pantone years...
And YOU can tell me if they've been "on the money" so to speak.

Turquoise. Sure, I can see that.
There had been a loyal vintage following, my self included, who had been adding more and more tuquoise and teals to our kitchens, etc. We did it before 2010, but the marketing folks sometimes start and trend, and sometimes they just promote one that is up and coming on it's own :)

Hmm, looks like Sunshine Yellow to me.
I did go through a yellow phase, drawing near to all things cheery - but I did that a decade of so ago. (Actually, just this weekend we painted over the very last vestiges of "so close but not sunshine yellow, or cheery yellow, but rather Ack! That's lemon yellow with green tinges!" in our kitchen. Hmm, that was about 1996, so I guess I was either early, or just missed the yellow 2009 boat completely.

Blue iris for 2009.
Well, that's the color I used for my wedding flowers in Fall of 2010, so I guess I read that memo late. Oh well. Still really pretty.

(Maybe I get bonue points for actually USING blue iris flowers for boutineers?
Maybe not.
I'm so square.)

Okay, just one more. 2007...was....
Chili Pepper Red!
Gotta be honest here. 2007. I really can't remember back that far.

A prediction.
For home decor, I think we will be seeing a lot of stainless and silver. I think a good about of hunter and forest greens will be in there, too. And, blues. With some browns. What I'm saying is "nature."

I think the trend in movies "Lost my job, can you still love me? Do I still have value if I'm on the dole" is telling. Last year the trend was "Stay-cations." But, this year, I think we will be facing the fact that the dog next-door has sufficiently killed the money shrub and it ain't coming back anytime soon.

People are circling the wagons.
Getting homey.

Blogs I've been reading for years are getting new readership - thanks to a new trend (or desperation) in the desire to be fiscally wise. And, Pottery Barn and Pier 1 have been getting their ideas on vintage and distressed looks from blogland and Etsy.com, I tell ya.

(My home has been rocking the "Early Attic" look for...well, let's just say a long time.)

I digress...
If you listen, there's a focus on the family. The home. The relationships.
Board games and home cooked - or home heated - meals.

So, that's my prediction for 2011.
Home decor will bring the outdoors in.
Blues, browns, greens.
"Getting grounded and Looking Up" - so to speak.

So, what do YOU think will be the color of the year for 2011?

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