Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coupon Tips - How to Really Save Money

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There are lots of coupon myths out there.
(And, of course there are also many different styles of couponing.)

I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see this feature from Comcast about coupon myths (sponsored by All You Magazine.)

Here are the myths. (See the Comcast slideshow linked above for each explanation.)
I've included my own comments.

Myth 1: Those dinky 25- and 50-cent coupons aren’t worth bothering with.

Find a site like for your neck of the woods and save big. For we Chicago types, Jill spends HER day compiling all the best deals - so WE don't have to. She'll show you how to take the 50 cent coupon, put it on a sale price, add in a manufacturer deal going on that week, and poof - your getting free toothpaste, free Barilla pasta, free veggies, etc.

Myth 2: Collecting and sorting coupons eats up too much time.

Nope, people like Jill (see above) spend the time, not me. I might spend 30 minutes a week and save 60% off my groceries. Seriously. Shows right on the receipt. You DO have 30 minutes, right?

Myth 3: If I join a company’s e-mail list, I’ll be deluged with spam.

First, you use a junk mail account anyways, right? Second, as Comcast notes, respectable sites have opt-out for 3rd party boxes.

Myth 4: Programs that you download to print online coupons contain spyware. FALSE
I believed this, but I was wrong. You DO have to install a coupon program for many of the top sites. But, this is NOT for loading spyware onto your computer. What it's doing instead is it takes you computer's unique IP address and codes it into the bar code on your coupon. It does mean that chances are you can only print that coupon twice. But, it reduces coupon fraud - do NOT photocopy those and sell them. You WILL get caught and prosecuted.

Myth 5: Coupons are mostly for processed, packaged foods. FALSE
I save on eggs, cheese, milk, healthy cereals, organic meats - well you get the idea. :)
Do YOU coupon?
If not, why not? Tell us below!
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Unknown said...

Good article. Also, take advantage of rebates, do them online which is much faster. It's free money. What's not to love about that.

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