Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Homemade Ravioli in Brown Butter - With Recipe

I was watching TV and someone mentioned homemade ravioli. 
And, I thought to myself, I've made spaetzle. But, I've never really tried a rolled pasta. 
Since I only had AP, bread, and cake flours on hand, I had to find a recipe that didn't include semolina flour.
I grabbed a Food Network recipe, but I decided to forgo the KA Mixer and make it by hand with a fork. I made a well of flour like I've seen Anne Burrell do some many times on Iron Chef.

I let the dough rest for 30 minutes - hoping it would turn out.

I didn't have too many options for filling - I used what I had - lamb meatballs. 
(These were leftovers. Hubby made them meatlof-style earlier in the week for a wedding soup. Yum.) 
Next time I'll add a bit of egg and I'll have some ricotta on hand, too.

I used about a teaspoon of filling which worked well.

 I used just water to seal them and they held tightly. Some I made ravioli ends with fork tines. 
Some I left natural. Both worked well.

I was pretty excited went they didn't explode in the water. 
They floated and bounced like pillows
This is what they looked like naked. I tossed some cheese and oregano and parsley on them. 
Meanwhile, in the hot pan, I browned some butter.

It was really fun to make these!
I was surprised they turned out so well. I think next time I'll let the dough rest a bit longer so it's easier to roll out. I'll roll the dough thinner, be sure there is more moisture in the filling, and be sure not to overcook them.

Hobby was very happy to get homemade pasta.
And, I was happy to make such a delicious meal out of leftovers.

Have you made homemade pasta?
If so, what tips do you have?
If not, what is holding you back?
Tell us!

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Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Those look delicious!! Yum!

Forsythia Hill said...

Wow, I am super impressed. That looks wonderful. I've not tried it yet because I'm just plain lazy. I am going to pop something in the old crockpot today.
You have inspired me to give ravioli a try - ONE DAY ------- THANKS Dana!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Rebecca - When you try it, come back and let us know! Or, simply blog it and we'll all read about it! YOU CAN DO IT!

Sherrie said...

OMGoodness!These look so yummy!
Have a beautiful day!

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