Monday, February 21, 2011

Boring Week - Saved Only 37% off My Groceries!

Time and money - Two resources we never seem to have enough of.

I was talking to a friend today about the cost of gas and how it's affecting the cost of groceries. And, if your family is like mine - and the economy has greatly affected your pocketbook, too - there just isn't enough green to pay for the grain.

This word stirs up all sorts of images for people.
Cutting up little squares, endlessly, handing a handful of crumpled scrap to the grocery checker while you balance a toddler on your hip and try to shield your face from the customers behind you because you know you've just made their time in line much longer.

BUT - what if I told you...It's NOT LIKE THAT!

What if I told you the grocery checker at my local Jewel store knows me by name and smiles big when she sees me coming! (Because I'm the one who clues her in on the deals for that week so she can buy them herself.)

What if I told you that people in back of me in line comment,
"I should have YOU shop for me!" And, "How do you DO that?!"

Last week the guy behind me in line said the "I should have YOU shop for me line" and I could see in his eyes he really wanted to learn to do it, too. So, I tore off a piece of my receipt, scribbled a website address, and handed it to him. The checker was ready for his Preferred Card, but he asked her to wait a second.

He smiled at her and said, "THIS, this is important stuff!"
I left the store, smiling at my receipt showing this...
I bought $134.82 in groceries for only $84.85.
Saved $49.97
37% off - and this was a really low, BORING week.

How? I'll tell you.
It's NOT about spending more time planning and cutting coupons.
It's about shopping in a whole new way.
It's easy - here's my secret.

Watch this video from Jill Cataldo.
It will give you a feel of the TECHNIQUE of shopping in the 21st century.
If, after the video, you feel this isn't for you, no problem.

The video is 7 minutes long.
But, in the long run, it could give you back loads of time with your family.
And, money in your pocket.
What do you have to lose?

You can see the video below - or click here to view it on YouTube.

Want more?
Head to Jill - It's free, don't worry. Yes, she's based out of Chicago. But, this is about technique - not location. Actually, since Chicago doesn't offer double-coupons, you might save even more money away from Chicago.

So, do you coupon?
If so, when did you start?
If not, what's stopping you?
We'd love to hear!
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Forsythia Hill said...

Yep - that's how I've learned to do it -- luckily we have a harris teeter where every 2 months or so they have super doubles where any coupon that is 1.98 or less doubles -- i've had a great shopping week!!!!! stocking up!

Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

Thanks, Dana - I've been reading her site a bit more, trying to incorporate how she suggests with what we have available here.

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