Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Got A Check in the Mail...and Gift Ideas

First, we just listed a whole mess of of new Rustic Vase Fillers (and now Beach, too!) in our shop.

There's our Schoolhouse Set which includes the card catalog drawer.

And, we have our Stroll on the Beach Set which features a 5.5 inch starfish!

Our Pueblo Set reminds us of the petroglyphs we saw in El Morrow and Bandalier National Parks.

We really love this one - our Road to Rushmore set featuring petrified wood, quartz, and reedy do-dads that remind our family of the tumbleweeds we saw on vacation.

Each of these set are available in our Etsy shop.

Now, about that "Big Fat Check!"
Okay, so my check really wasn't fat. But, I've earned $30 with pretty much no effort and Ebates did send it to me with no muss, no fuss. (Notice the quotes, I think they trademarked "Big Fat.")

Well, say I buy online from Land's End, or Ebay, or I want to rent a car from Enterprise (or a bazillion other retailers). First I head to Ebates, then I simply head to Land's End, or wherever and shop. If I buy something, they send me a check for a percentage back. Each shop is different. I've earned 6% back from shopping at Land's End.

Talk about easy, breezy.
Nothing to download.
(They're not tracking you 24/7 and my system didn't slow down or anything.)

And, they'll send you a free $5 gift card of your choice, just for signing up. They just send it, poof!

And, I'm NOT getting paid to say any of this. (But, I will get a referral bonus if you click and sign-up. And, you can get referral bonuses when you see how easy this is and tell your friends, too.

So, do you have your "Big Fat Check" yet?
Go get it!
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Alison said...

Dana, I love the photographs of the vase fillers, they are beautiful - you have a real talent!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Thank you so much, Allison. These are a new line, so I wasn't sure if they would take off. But, so far, so good :) We're making sales...

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

Smart girl.
Thank yo for the tip-- I am always looking to save some money and I am a shopper and seller on eBay!
How clever: Vase fillers. I wish I'd thought of that!
Have a blessed day and may you have much success on etsy!!

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