Friday, April 1, 2011

Springtime! Bringing the Outdoors - In!

This post brought to you by Pier 1. All opinions are 100% mine.

Pier 1 Settee

Are you excited about Spring?  I am!
I've been paging through the latest Pier 1 catalog - and dreaming. 

You see that settee above?
Well, I can see that in my back yard.  Lemonade on the table.  Maybe some snacks.

Honestly, I like that settee enough to have it in my living room.  Seriously.  Before I was married my living room was decorated in the English Cottage style.  Potted plants, flowered china - and that settee would have been perfect!

Pier 1 Swingasan

Everything old is new again!
I guess it's true - because my mom had one of those "Swingasan chairs" in her living room!
No kidding!  She would sit in it - looking out the window - and write poetry.
So, no matter what the Chicago weather had in store that day, she could feel like a kid in her own swing.

 Colorful Pier 1 Pillows 
Mom had that papasan char, too, of course.  But, hers wasn't that cool rainbow color.  
I remember how fun it was to crawl up in the papasan chair.

It was filled with pillows and so easy to just snuggle up and fall asleep.  
That's a pretty fun memory :)
Now, I really like these lanterns!

 Pier 1 Lanterns 

Oh, my! Those would look perfect sitting on our porch. 
Or, next to our bench out front.  Wow!  The coolest thing?  While we could use these for our Spring and Summer time parties, they would be PERFECT in the Fall and Winter times, INDOORS!  We have have a rustic decor thing going on and I think these would fit great!

Okay, enough about me! What about you? 
Dream a little dream with me...
What do you see at Pier 1 that would fit your outdoor living OR INDOOR!
What would your dream backyard look like?  (Or, is it your front yard, side yard?)  Tell us!

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Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I adore Pier 1, too!
I really love their basket selection and rugs and serveware collections and mirrors and hammocks and...I like it all!

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