Saturday, April 9, 2011

You Think You Know. But Do You?

You think you know, but do you?

I challenge you.

Grab your coffee, tea or milk and ...
take an 18 minute break.

18 minutes.
Such a small amount of time.
Do it for those you love.

If the embed above fails, click here.

She's such a captivating speaker - and I love that she can conceptualize the business models using her MBA and years of experience and yet focus on the high points to that we can comprehend the ramifications in less than 20 min. To those of us who have been following changes in the food industry - this is familiar. But, her style is compelling.

I ask you:
Is this important knowledge to have?
Can we make this video viral?
Should we try?

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Rebecca said...

GMO is the worst thing to ever happen on our planet - it will end "organic" as plants cross pollinate in nature. It truly is horrifying that MONEY rules our food supply. It's a train wreck waiting to happen. Everyone should be very concerned and avoid genetically modified products while you still can. This is not science fiction - it is REAL and HERE now. Your consumer purchases are the only way to get rid of the crap that's being sold as "food".

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, what scares me the most it two-fold. That farmers no longer own their seed - they can't store it like they did for centuries because their contracts with Monsnato make it illegal (and Monsanto has cases filed against many farmers.)

Second, that some types of GMO corn is regulated by the EPA as a pesticide. What?!

This stuff sounds unbelievable. It sounds like rumor-mongering of the few. But, then you put some time into researching and find that it's even more scary than it appears at first glance.

Hey, love your blog post from last Fri.
I hope other will read it, too.

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