Tuesday, December 20, 2011

21 Last Minute Gifts - Free Shipping - Tax Deductible!

This year, someone on our list is getting a gift from Heifer International.
(Shh, don't tell. They don't know yet!)

Why do I love Heifer?
(And, why do I write about them year after year.)

Easy-breazy last minute gifts! Free shipping! Tax deductible!
You can give someone a FLOCK OF CHICKS!

Seriously, I love Heifer because...
They help families help themselves.
They blend 3 concepts:

"Teaching a Man to Fish for Himself"
"Paying it Forward" and
"They Tell 2 Friends..."

(If you recognize the commercial,
press the purple button and tell me in comments.)

You see, each recipient of a goat, or lamb, or honeybees...
Feeds his family with the product...
Milk, cheese, money from wool, honey, wax, etc.

Each Heifer family agrees to Pass on the Gift of
An animal offspring and training to another family in need...
Who then promise... to pass it along...and along...

The Heifer International Gift Catalog is amazing!

We have someone in our family,
who will really like this gift.
How about you?

Is there someone on your list who:
Has everything?
Wants nothing.
Would give you this shirt off their back?

Here's a video which tells a little about the organization.
And, if you DO decide to give a Heifer Gift this year,
please press the purple button below and
let us know in the comments so we can celebrate with you!

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