Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas Message To You!

Dear friends,
Well, it's upon us.
It's Christmas - what many of us have been longing for.

With the new year approaching I got to thinking about the past year.
It's been a good one.

Our blog has undergone design changes.
And, we've clarified our mission!

At Cooking at Cafe D we are frugal with the pennies - lavish with the love.
Providing tasty meals and decor tips - with a focus on the family.

And, we created categories for you, like "How Tasty" and "How Organized" and lined them all up in the sidebar.

Many folks connected with us on our facebook page, twitter, and it's been wonderful sharing pins with you on pinterest!

We tried our hand at homemade ravioli and found it good. (But, it wasn't quick as easy as when we tried spaetzle. Somehow we managed to announce the colors for our new kitchen - yet never posted it. D'oh! (Adding to my to do list..)

We survived a Chicago Snowpocaclypse. We started our Featured Artist Friday with interviews and giveaways. Gosh, how I adore those artists! (We haven't had one of those for a while. Keep an eye out next year, you just never know!)

Oh, and speaking of Giveaways, we were excited and honored to host a dress giveaway from the wonderful folks at Shabby Apple.

Our Friday FREE-FOR-ALL! has given YOU a chance to shine - showing us your recipes, decor & craft tutorials and even teachable moments. I just love featuring your work!

Together, we learned 25 ways to wear a scarf and a quick tip on how to be sure your email address is easy to find when you comment.

In October, we began our 31 Day Series 31 Minutes to a More Organized Life. (This series changed my life. Really. Not only did it make me buckle down and write each day, it also made me realize how much I really want to share with you - and learn from you, too.)

Our first couple of drinks were featured in Martini Madness - and we've got more in the wings for you!

And, we rounded things off with our Christmas Home Tour 2011 so you could see our handmade and vintage ornaments...and our faux mantle :)

Looking back has made me MORE EXCITED THAN EVER to have you here. And, I can't wait to bring many more tips and recipes to you in 2012.

From our family to yours,
May God Bless you.
Have a very merry Christmas!

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