Monday, January 9, 2012

Schedule Your Next Doc Appt Online! Here's...Zoc Doc

Can you see that?
Doctors and dentists available on...Sundays?

"Okay, tell me more," I thought.

So, here's the deal.
There's this new website called
And, I think it might be worth checking out...

1. You have a busy schedule.
2. You like info upfront.
3. Like you comparison shopping.
4. You sometimes need an appointment RIGHT NOW.
5. You like the flexibility of choosing your appointment date from a list.
6. Oh, so many more reasons...

I headed to Zoc Doc to check it out.
Just for grins I chose dentists. (Yeah, I might be having a bit of an issue. Who me? Nah.) I plopped in my zip code, easily chose my insurance plan from the drop down list and poof! Lots of dentists to choose from in my area.

Okay, so there are lots to choose from.
Do they accept my insurance?
Oh, wait. I already chose that option so they take mine.

Okay, so how about availability?
Well, lookee there. Lots of spots open this week.
Even today. Even this Sunday.

How about background and education, Board Certifications, etc.?
I clicked on a cardiologist and yep.
There was a listing of his board certifications, where he went to school, the whole package.

Lastly, how about feedback?
Yep. You can see what others have written and leave some yourself. And, they give ratings based on "Bedside manner," "Average Wait Time," and "Average Recommendation."

Here's my bottom line.

You and I know that there are few things as important as your family's health. And, I can only speak for myself. I love data. I love options. I hate sitting on the phone trying to schedule my next annual exam or teeth cleaning. I hate hearing, "We don't do cleanings on Saturday." "The next evening appointment we have is 2 months from now on a Friday." Ack!

I usually want to pull the receptionist's screen towards I CAN SEE what options are truly available. That's is what this feels like.

I'm kinda excited.
Yeah, I know, you can tell - lol.

For those looking to keep that New Year's resolution to eat better and stay healthy, you might want to check out their Facebook page at for recipes, quick tips and giveaways.

Now, this was a sponsored review and there will be a disclaimer. You know your family and what works for them. I assure you, my excitement is just that. This is a good fit for us.

I was selected for this sponsored review by the Clever Girls Collective. To learn more about ZocDoc, please visit their website.

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