Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Never-Ending To Do List...And, What I Realized

stress managing prioritiesGot Stress?

My friend Lisa, is waiting to exhale.

Many of us are in that club.
Our new membership cards are in.
And, the minutes from the last meeting are due.

We can get overwhelmed by what never gets done.

Ever notice how it's the Parent things (or Mom things)
which tend to get pushed to another day?

Things like...

Our own rest.
Devotion and prayer.
Eating right.

Sound familiar?

I read an article which suggested that instead of one long (never ending) To-Do List, we might think of things a bit differently. It suggested dividing our list into categories of Easy, Medium and Difficult. And, More Important, Medium and Less Important.

For myself, I changed up the categories just a bit.

I chose Quick, Medium and Most Time Commitment - along with Most Impact and Less Impact.

(For you grammar folks, I'm aware it should be More, not Most.
I'm okay with that. I'm tossing in unnecessary capitalization as a bonus. *grin*)

I'll be hitting the Most Impacts first - focusing on the Quicks.
And, I realize that some things which take the most time and have the least impact...
Might not get done - but that's ok to me.

(Sigh. I need to repeat that for myself.
Raise of hands, anyone?)

Here's what struck me most.

Look at a few items in my MOST IMPACT on the family category.

My own rest.
Devotion and prayer.
Eating right.

We've all heard it before.
You need to take care of yourself first, then help others.

But, until I actually put it into the MOST IMPACT category...well, it didn't have any impact on me.

Here's a glance at my new daily planner.
daily planner efficient time organizationNo - I don't expect it to stay pretty - or categorized.
It's just a tool.
It's a different way to me to view my priorities.

How about you?
How do you keep your To Do list under control?

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