Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Wind Beneath My Wings and Super Inexpensive Art

The wind beneath my wings.

If you missed today's Flower Patch Farm Girl, well, you just shouldn't.  
It's about The Least of These

Shannan got me thinking - as she often does.  

Who are the least of these?  
Are you?  
Am I? 
(Did you read FPFG?)

Can I be honest?
On any given day I can feel hopelessly poor or very comfortable. 
It changes from moment to moment.  I can wish I had central air because the window unit (at a sadly precarious angle) isn't dripping the condensation out but rather sorta sideways - so it's leaving a puddle on the window ledge.  Which just can't be good.

Then I'll drive home and pass someone leaning against a pole at a bus stop under the blazing afternoon sun.  I have a car.  That  works.  With air conditioning.  And, I'm heading home.

I can get pretty complacent about thanking God for my blessings.

Okay, so here's where I get real. 
And, pretty vulnerable.  
So, I'm just gonna put it out there. 
And, what happens, happens.

Recently, I needed some help.
Not in a desperate way.  A friend was there.  She helped.  In a "we don't want you to get desperate" way.  She asked for a list of things she could bring me - to lighten my burden.  I said chicken stock, T.P. and a couple other things.  (Yeah, I know you can make chicken stock.  But, seriously I don't trust the chickens in the mega mart to make stock from.  And, right now organic chickens are just not gonna happen.)  In the blink of an eye my friend appeared on my doorstep, chicken stock in hand.  (T.P. and the other things, too.)  And, the next day, more of the same.

(We're good on stock now, btw. LOL.)

She was the wind beneath my wings. 

It wasn't extraordinary.  She just knew we could lend a hand> She kept asking what she could do.  And, then, when I had the courage to give her a short list...she filled it.  And, then some.

She didn't move mountains. 
She saw and listened to the words that were said (and a few that weren't.) She filled an real need.  With love. God's using her hands to do great things.  In my mind, she's an angel.

Awkward transition here...

Speaking of angels, if you like the photo up top, here's a super sweet tip.  
(Those of you who Follow us on Facebook are already in the know!) 

You can head to Mistflower Photo and get 30% (yeah, thirty!) off by entering this code at check out - SUMMER12.  No telling when the deal will end, so move quickly.  It's not just angels...it's nature, industrial, funny, flowers, all sorts of gorgeousness. And it helps an independent seller.  (I love that!)


So, I'm wondering.
When is the last time someone else provided the wind beneath YOUR wings?
If that's a little too personal, maybe someone helped "your friend."

I'd love to hear how little things (or big ones!) 
have made a difference to you.

Or "your friend!" 

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