Friday, July 6, 2012

What Does YOUR Family Value?

Family Values:
 "It's not what you say. 
It's how you live."

(Don't my husband and I look like we are tiny ants?
It's not a Photoshop trick.
We were visiting Bandalier National Monument on our honeymoon.
Amazing place.)

 What does you family value?

In our family...
If you SEE a lemonade stand, you MUST SUPPORT said stand.

We taste each other's food.
Expect a fork in your face.

 We take pictures with large fiberglass objects.
And, pretty much over-sized anything...

We serve.
With our hands as well as our time.
And, when the World's Largest Baseball Bat started to wobble, we were there to help!

We value eggs, homemade donuts and bacon.

We think it's perfectly be a little wacky.
So, yeah just MIGHT have had a game night instead of a wedding rehearsal
catered by Jimmy John's.

(And, yeah, we chose to turn our kitchen into a JJ's, too!)

We value being together - more than expensive vacations.
(Not that there's anything wrong with those!)
So, we like staying here and doing this.

We believe in God.
And, if we ever need a reminder, we'll simply head back here.

So, what does YOUR family value?
Here's a simple test.

Look at your Facebook photos or read your last few tweets.
What do you spend the most time doing?

Rather than what you say you "want to do" someday.
What to you actually do? 

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