Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's ALL Inside

So, today is Thursday.
Which means that one week from's Thanksgiving.

What kind of emotions does that bring?

Are you stressed about the house?

Worried about who's coming...or not coming?

Are you busy trying new side dish recipes?
(*cough* follow us on Pinterest *cough*)

Are you fretting about sleeping arrangements?

Anxious about travel?

Wondering if you have enough...towels, trivets, chairs, candles, pillows....

You aren't alone.
Today I was reading Lysa TerKeurst's post From Overpowered to Empowered. She's so helpful.  Somehow when I read her words...things become more clear.  She wrote about how a change in location, for example packing up her family and moving out West, wouldn't help.

"Because the chaos isn’t from my circumstances.
It’s inside me."

Gosh, that's so true.  About her.  Not me.  I would NEVER allow chaos to be part of my life.  ;)
How I wish that were the case.

For me, I need to remember...

"Because my JOY isn’t from my circumstances.
It’s inside me."

I should probably write that in my journal.  (Note to self to get a journal.) I should write about joy on the black board in our living room.  On a post-it at work. heart.

We have a choice.  To choose joy.

It doesn't matter if two aunts bring the same green bean casserole with mushrooms.  And, you hate green bean casserole.  And, mushrooms.  Somehow it will all work out.  Even if you end up defrosting your turkey in the bathtub.  And, the cable goes out before the game.  Or the power goes out.  Or, due to Hurricane Sandy, you haven't had power...since October. 

I'm going to choose joy.
And, apparently, buy a journal :)

BTW, here's some help with that side dish delimma.
 (You're welcome.)

How about you?
What is filling you with stress right now?
What can you let go of?

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