Sunday, December 30, 2012

Low, Slow and So Worth It! (Our New Series)

Low, Slow and So Worth It

I would like the following for my family in 2013.
 More love.
More presence.
More income... and less outgo.

One of the ways I hope to achieve those is through comfort foods.  
Using inexpensive cuts of meat, slow cooking methods and time 
I'll be serving full flavor for less time.  
(Less time of me actually being in the kitchen, that is.)

Slow cooking.

I'll be cooking up slow-cooked meats, veggies and desserts in our new series, 
"Low, Slow and So Worth It!"

I can't wait to show you what we just pulled out of the oven.
Here's a sneak peek of our Cider Braised Beef!

So, tell me.
What is your favorite slow cooked food?

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