Friday, December 21, 2012

Pretty. Simple.

Pretty. Simple.

Do you still have presents to wrap?

Frustrated with thin wrapping paper tearing all the time?

Is your budget tighter than Grandma's Christmas sweater?

This has been our standby for 3 years now.
And, I love it!

Dollar Tree craft paper!
No joke. 

Thick, wonderful, festive red gingham wrapping paper...
For a buck!

Not a fan of gingham?
Around here the Dollar Tree also has craft paper with red balloons,
or black paw prints, or white lacy flowers.

(BTW, Dollar Tree has no idea I'm mentioning them.
Not getting a penny for the plug.
I just love their paper and want the world to know it.)

How are you bringing inexpensive style to your Christmas this year?
Tell us!

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