Saturday, November 30, 2013

You Know You're Off Your Game When...

You Know You're Off Your Game When...

So, while I haven't been all recently...I have been getting back in the kitchen.  And, I've been taking pics which (hopefully) will become blog posts soon.  

On Thanksgiving I knew our dinner would be carb heavy, hello stuffing, baked sweet potatoes, mashed rutabaga with gravy, etc.  So, I prepared some spanikopita filling last week and froze it thinking we would have some quick spinach pies for lunch while the turkey was cooking.

And, it worked.  

Yes, I used frozen croissant dough, filled it, folded it over and forked the edges closed.  They were beautiful.. And, tasty.  And, I would absolutely do it again.

And, I probably should.  So, maybe I could get an "after" pic to go with the "before" one.

#1 Way you know you're off your game is when...
You drop the spinach pies all over the floor.  Yep.  *Splat*

Then today I thought I would start to decorate for Christmas.
 (I'm kinda bummed that we lose a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  How about you?)

So, I headed off to my Chalkboard Pinterest Board and chose a design.  About an hour later when it was finished, I stood on a chair and lifted the really heavy really large board...

#2 Way you know you're off your game is when...
You realize that you only strung the picture wire so the really heavy vintage frame hangs horizontally and not vertically.  Ugh.  And, it's not like we could simply turn it over and drill new eye hooks in the vintage frame...without messing up the work.

Now, for the good news.
It doesn't matter.

The "5 Second Rule" was employed and my husband and I enjoyed the spinach pies.  (Yes, I know it's kinda gross.  Shrug.)  And, for a few days we'll keep the chalkboard standing up against the bookcase.  Then I'll draw a new one to hang horizontally...or wipe it and drill a vertical wire.

Ultimately, it's been a good couple of days.  Yeah, I'm a bit off my game.  But, we're well fed and my family feels loved.  And, that's really what matters.

Did you have any mishaps recently?
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