Monday, August 13, 2007

Arancini - Little Orange

When is the last time you just "
went for it" - culinarily speaking?

I went to Caputo's Market for the first time yesterday.
Wonderful place.

It's a 58 year old family owned store which now has branched out to 5 or 6 Chicago suburban locations. I bought a hunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano and all kinds of things at the deli counter - including an arancini.

A woman behind me asked me what was in it.
I said I had no idea.
I was just going for it - trying something new since it was only 1.99.

She was baffled.
"Yes, but what's in it?"

"I dunno.
I'm gonna find out... " *grin*

We ended up having a very enjoyable 20 minute conversation about food.
I hope I see her and her husband in the market again.

So...back to the arancini.
While it was warming and getting all fragrant, I looked it up on Wiki. Arancini means "Little orange." Mine, I soon found out, contained rice, spinach, and some sort of cheesy stuff. It was unlike a Greek spinach pie - Spanikopita, which I love. It looked similar but tasted very different...and very good.

Today, I encourage you, head to a market.
Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, whatever is in your area.
Find something inexpensive that looks fresh in their deli case and just try it.

You never know.
You might find the joy I found yesterday in a "Little orange."
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gerbmom said...

see.....that's why I'm looking forward to the roadtrip! :)

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