Friday, November 12, 2010

Sears Corporate - Shame on You!

Dear Sears Corporate,
I can NOT believe what I saw yesterday - a sign in one of your stores indicating that you would be OPEN all day on Thanksgiving? How awful.

Give your employees Thanksgiving to be with their families. If you begin this trend, then all department and retail chains will have to be open on that day. Shame on you!

I am not a Sears employee, nor do I have any family members or friends who work at Sears. 
I am simply a Sears customer who apparently cares more about your employees than you do.

Feel free to contact Sears by clicking Here.
Or, post it on the Sears Facebook page.
And, if so moved, put it as your Facebook status, too.

(Now, I *get* that many people work on that day. Gas stations, fast food, and many others are already open. But, they weren't when I was a kid. And, it seems the trend is to be open 365 days. Me? I don't need a rake or power tools from Sears on Thanksgiving. Heck, if my stove breaks it's not like I'm gonna get same day delivery to get that turkey roasted!)

Enjoy your holiday everyone - unless you are a Sears employee who has to work.

Update - There is some movement...
Sears reponded on its Facebook page as such:
We made the decision, based on our customers’ desire to shop for great values, to open Sears’ stores on Thanksgiving. In balancing our commitment to meeting customer needs with our commitment to our associates, we decided to only open for limited hours on Thanksgiving (7 am to noon (local time)) and, where practical, to fill the schedules with associates who volunteered to work that day and seasonal associates. Given the tough economic times many folks are facing we have seen demand for associates who want the opportunity to supplement their usual income with the holiday pay premium.
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Anonymous said...

I am very close to a Sears employee, so I do have an interest here. Not only is the store open, but the auto center is as well, and using other holidays as an example, it will likely be the part timers working, who are already working this as a second job, who are already squeezed for family time, and will be there the entire day. Last week my honey worked 9am to 9:30pm for a "friends and family" event. They did nothing after 4 but wait for no one to come! I can't imagine that much work rolling in on Thanksgiving!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Hi Meg,
I'm so sorry. I agree, there will not be many people walking into Sears on Thanksgiving. It will be a loss for the store. It's a loss for the employees who can't get time with their families back. And, it shows a loss of values - Chicago's Own...Sears is just not the same.
All the best,

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

Update - Their reply to my email.

Dear Dana,
Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in hearing from our customers. We appreciate your concerns regarding our
holiday hours

We appreciate your feedback. By sharing your ideas, you have enabled us to address the issues and provide feedback to the appropriate person.

Truly, your remarks provide forthright feedback that will enable Sears Holdings to improve the customer experience.

Once again, we appreciate your comments regarding our holiday hours and
thank you for contacting us.

Dylan C.
Retail Customer Care
Sears Holdings Corp.

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