Saturday, November 17, 2007

Can't Eat Just One

I've seen Giada make them.
I've seen Alton make them.
Parmeseano-Reggiano Chips.

Since I had some unopened genuine Parmeseano-Reggiano in my fridge - I love my local Caputo's store - I thought I would give them a try.


And, easier than easy. Truly the most difficult part was grating the cheese. This would be a perfect husband task. Or, in my case, brother-in-law task. I definitely got a workout grating enough for this 6 chip sampler pack. Who knew P-R was so darn firm?

I preheated the oven to 400. Made little piles of parm on my silpat. Then topped one each with oregano, paprika, garlic powder, and cracked black pepper. And, I left two plain.

All of them were tasty.
I really enjoyed the oregano and the garlic powder ones.

In 3 minutes I had bubbly parm chips. If you work fast enough, you can even drape them over something - think shotglass or juice glass- to make a little cheese cup. (That tip courtesy of Alton Brown.)

Aw, they're cute!
Pretty little filigree cheese chips.

(The photos do not do them justice.
I tend to cook at midnight...and the light is never good.)

So, if you have some Parmeseano-Reggiano in your fridge and you've never tried!

If you don't have any Parmeseano-Reggiano in your fridge...get a move on! This stuff is truly amazing. It's nothing like the "green can." And, while it's not inexpensive...a little goes a long way.

Now I'm thinking how wonderful it would be to sprinkle P-R on the top of mac and cheese, just a few minutes before it's finished - creating a crunchy crust. Or, making little individual chips for each bowl of mac and cheese. Yum!

Try them, you might like them! Pin It

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gerbmom said...

Yeah, I keep freshly grated parmesan in my fridge. Screw the green can. I've done this with cheddar but never parm. They look wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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