Monday, March 1, 2010

Lamb Retail Cuts Chart - And, recipes.

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As we near the Easter holiday, many of us will be serving lamb. If you've never tried lamb, what are you waiting for?

Ever hear of a lamb T-bone or lamb porterhouse?
You can get a cut of lamb similar to your favorite cut of beef. Speak to your local butcher about what he keeps on hand and what he can order for you.

How about tossing some lamb on the grill?
Stop by the recipe and grilling sections of the American Lamb Board for great rub and marinade ideas.

Click on the chart above for a much larger view of the lamb chart or head to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The chart will help you to identify cuts as well as suggest which cooking method is the best for each cut according to the particular muscle and fat content.

Want more?
Stop by the American Lamb Board for recipes, cooking tips, and even tips on fabrication.

Me? I make lamb burgers with a gryos crust!
My butcher carries frozen ground lamb and I keep some in the freezer. I grind my spices - and - well, that's another post which I'll get to soon.

Until then, find a local butcher if you don't already. Get to know them. Chat them up about how they cook their favorite cuts. And, keep lamb open as an option. It's a very tasty and healthy option for your family.

BTW, we have Retail Pork Cuts covered as well.
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