Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Virtually Limitless Cooking Inspiration-
RealMeals.tv - ProMeals section

Yes, faithful readers might find that photo familiar.
Here's what inspired me to make that yummy dish.

Back in April, a friend sent me a link to a great food site.

RealMeals.tv is sorta the YouTube of cooking.
Cooking with quality.
And, it rocks!

For me, I love the section called Pro Meals. Here you can watch short videos (around 5 mins.) of real chefs in their restaurants cooking up their specialties.

When blogged about my fresh pasta Spaetzle and my Gyros-crusted LambBurgers back in April - RealMeals.tv was the inspiration. (You can read more about those dishes by checking out the April Archives to the right.)

I saw how quickly and easily the chef made the dish and I thought, "Hey, I can DO that." And, now I make a pretty darn good LambBurger. (Besides searing the outside with spices I also grind up a mixture in my spice-designated coffee grinder and add it to the meat patties. Yum.)

Do you have delusions of grandeur that would floor even Han Solo?
Want to share your recipe with the world?
Star in your own food video!
Upload it!

Now, I love RealMeals.tv because of it's ProMeals section and quite frankly, again, it's overall quality.

But... just for fun...
I'll also include a link to another cooking site, "I'm Cooked."
Here, Christopher Walken uploaded a short video with him cooking his favorite poultry dish, Chicken with Pears.

But,for quality sake,
RealMeals.tv gets my vote.

As Christmas approaches and we look for tasty recipes to serve our loved ones, click over to RealMeals.tv and let one of their ProMeals inspire you.

*And, no, I'm not affiliated.
I just think RealMeals.tv rocks.
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